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Technology is transforming work in just about every sector of the global economy—and while these advances have created unparalleled opportunities for many, far too few have access to the quality education, training and job opportunities required to improve their economic and social mobility in a changing landscape.

The Cognizant Foundation addresses this need to ensure all communities are prepared for the jobs driving the future, and to date has awarded approximately $65 million to support more than 70 organizations working to inspire, educate and prepare people of all ages to succeed in the workforce of today and tomorrow.

We partner with our grantees to rethink the pathways into and through the tech sector, grow more diverse talent pipelines and fundamentally reimagine the education and workforce systems in which we operate—and while our work is far from over, we are proud of the positive impact our investments have made since the foundation was established in 2018.

Our Impact

Democratizing Pathways Into Tech Careers

CodePath’s mission is to equip students with the confidence, skills and industry access needed for the most competitive roles in tech, empowering them to choose their career paths.

Increasing the Number of K-12 Computer Science Teachers

As part of its broader work, Teach For America focuses on advancing K-12 computer science education as a critical means to develop the workforce of the future.

Recognizing the Skills of Every Worker

Opportunity@Work is committed to researching and advancing economic opportunities for 71 million workers without a four-year college degree who are skilled through alternative routes (STARs).

Accelerating Tech Careers

The Turing School of Software and Design is designed to quickly launch learners, particularly those historically excluded from the tech industry, into upwardly-mobile careers.


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