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About Us

Our collective success is dependent on developing an inclusive, thriving workforce and an economy that creates opportunity for all—and corporate philanthropy has a key role in ensuring that success. The Cognizant Foundation partners with employers, educators, policymakers and thought leaders to identify workforce needs and develop actionable solutions so that all individuals can benefit from the global digital economy.

There exists a great opportunity to ensure every community benefits from the fast-growing, high-paying tech jobs that offer a pathway to economic mobility—and this is an opportunity we can’t afford to waste, especially as we continue to manage the fallout from how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted workers.

While these impacts were felt both deeply and widely, they were not felt equally—with the resultant economic recession disproportionately affecting people of color, low income communities and women. These negative impacts only served to amplify the systemic barriers that have long prevented many from having equal access to the quality education, training and job opportunities required to achieve economic mobility and stability in both the United States and in countries around the world. 

Since its founding in 2018, the Cognizant Foundation has served historically excluded communities—and those who are underrepresented, underserved and un/underemployed—through the delivery of industry-relevant education, technical skills training programs and critical research needed to modernize the ways we educate and employ our workforce. Working together with our partners, we are committed to advancing true transformation in the years ahead.

Intuition Engineered

Our work reflects Cognizant’s commitment to engineer impact in communities around the world, where the company’s more than 300,000 employees live and work. With an unparalleled view on the future of work, Cognizant has a longstanding commitment to ensure all individuals can thrive in the jobs of today and tomorrow.


“As a global company, we care deeply about unlocking human potential—we are determined to live our purpose of improving everyday life and apply our technology and business expertise to help tackle global problems,”  CEO, Cognizant.